Installation should be carried out by a skilled person using appropriate safety equipment to prevent injury to him/herself or others during the operation. Protective gloves are recommended to prevent accidental cuts from sharp edges on the article. If installation is not carried out correctly, MEDALdisplay may work loose and fall, causing damage to people or property.

N.B. Tools for wall installation are not included; use appropriate tools for correct assembly. The screws provided are able to support the weight of the article plus the weight of the various medals, depending on the type of wall to which the article is fixed (see figure below). For wall mounting, MEDALdisplay requires 3 screws, complete with mounting accessories (included). The picture shows two common types of wall that are compatible with the fixing accessories supplied and their relative maximum loads.

a) Concrete, breezeblock or perforated brick walls: Max. 20 kg

b) Timber frame wall or beam: Max. 20 kg

1) Concrete, breezeblock or perforated brick wallsg 2) Timber frame wall or beam 

For other types of wall (e.g. plasterboard), please consult a specialist for advice on suitable screws and fittings to provide adequate support.



Fixings included in the box

Prepare tools before starting assembly

  • Gloves

  • Screwdriver

  • Hammer

  • Pencil

  • Level

  • Drill


1. Wear gloves

2. Position the MEDALdisplay and align it with a spirit level

3. Mark the points to be drilled with a pencil

4. Drill the three anchor holes (type a walls only)

5. Insert the wall plugs (type a walls only)

6. Insert the spacer, washer and screw into the MEDALdisplay

7. Insert the spacer, washer and screw into the MEDALdisplay

8. Position the screw caps

9. Hang your medals and admire the results!