1. What is provided along with MEDALdisplay?

Each MEDALdisplay has a mounting kit, instructions and invoice transport. The kit includes No. 3 galvanized steel screws TPS 3,5x50, No. 3 spacers LDPE outer diameter 8mm and length 15 mm, n ° 3 plugs for wall to wall 5x25mm suitable for solid or perforated, No. 3 rosettes conical brass galvanized diam. east. 12 mm, n ° 3 for concealed brass galvanized diam. east. 12 mm. In some MEDALdisplay small size the number of screws is reduced to 2 for each element (instead of 3).
The wall anchors provided are not suitable for plasterboard walls; in case the wall to be used both in plasterboard, you have to protect yourself dowels suitable for fixing on this type of wall

2. What tools are necessary for installation?

The tools needed for installing the MEDALdisplay are:

  • a pair of gloves to avoid injuring your hands when handling the piece
  • a cordless drill or a current
  • a wall bit by diam. 5mm
  • a rubber hammer
  • a Phillips screwdriver
  • Use a level to align the wall MEDALdisplay
  • a pencil to mark the drilling point

See assembly instructions

1. What is provided along with MEDALdisplay?

All stainless steel products may be subject to scratches. To eliminate these shortcomings, you can visit your hardware of confidence and buy paper glass of medium-large grain to pass on the article. Be sure to polish MEDALdisplay in the direction of the grain of the satin finish. Otherwise it could irreparably damage it. In the case the scratch has a groove very deep the only way to remedy is to perform a brushing industrial that we are forced to run in the company. This type of operation for our customers is free with just the cost of shipments to and fro.

4. How many medals can hold my MEDALdisplay?

On the Home Page, we have included a table indicating the approximate number of medals for each measure MEDALdisplay. However, the number of medals to be inserted can vary according to personal taste. In general, if you think that a tape for the coin is an average of 2 cm in width, one must think of a number of medals such as to cover the entire length of the bar. Carefully follow the installation instructions: MEDALdisplay is robust and can withstand a distributed weight up to 20 kg.

5. After doing the order, how much time does it take to receive my MEDALdisplay?

For MEDALdisplay in stock, shipping is immediate and for a destination in Italy the average time of 48 hours after the order request with payment made. For MEDALdisplay not in stock waiting times are approximately 10 working days in addition to the shipping time.

6. How do you clean MEDALdisplay?

Maintenance of MEDALdisplay is simple. Just use a cotton cloth soaked in detergent suitable for cleaning stainless steel (the same used for cleaning stainless steel appliances). Follow the line of the grain for effetturare cleaning to avoid damaging the article. Remember to spray / pour the detergent directly on the cloth and not directly on MEDALdisplay hung to avoid soiling the wall. During this operation, use gloves to protect your hands from sharp edges of MEDALdisplay.

7. It's possible buy the Gift vouchers that you can give?

Right now this service is not yet active. We are setting up this option to guarantee the purchase of gift cards that will entitle a coupon code you can use to purchase a product in our website.

8. Is there a warranty on my MEDALdisplay?

MEDALdisplay is guaranteed for 5 years against corrosion (with attention to perform proper cleaning using ordinary materials and products suited to stainless steel 304 satin) from the date of purchase.

9. What is the return policy?

CDS LED VISION Ltd. offers excellent return policy. You guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our standard products. This means that if for any reason, you want to return MEDALdisplay, you have 14 days from receipt thereof to warn us. We will be pleased to replace it with a product equal or fully repay. Write to info@medaldisplay.it and we will be faster and more accurate nell'accontentarti. Any refund will be made with PayPal or Credit Card or with the same type of payment with which the product was purchased. We can not refund are the transport costs that are charged to you.

10. What is the cost of shipping in Italy?

The shipping cost in any Italian region, including islands, is at a package price of € 9.90 including VAT which will be added to the cost of MEDALdisplay. We take advantage of domestic and international carriers present for years in the area that we choose from time to time to maintain a shipping cost as low as possible with a high level of quality.

11. Do you ship outside of Italy?

Yes, we ship our products worldwide every day. The cost of international shipping varies with the size and weight of your order. Rates are calculated based on the specific delivery which costs you can verify directly during checkout, before the final confirmation of purchase. Most countries apply duties and taxes on imported products in their country. Those duties or taxes are paid by the end customer. The timing of the international order does not vary with respect to the timing necessary for the formulation of the National Order. If the international courier does not cover the cost of taxes or customs, you will be notified when ordering. NOTE: Please double check the destination address for international orders: there will be no way for us to confirm or verify the address. Delivery will be labeled with the address exactly that will be submitted.

12. Can I obtain a personalized MEDALdisplay, different from what is proposed in your website? How much it costs eventually accomplish?

Customizations are possible but only for a minimum quantity of 10 pieces. Write to info@medaldisplay.it to request a custom quote and talk about your project. The project will achieve and that will be proposed will be performed free of charge and will remain the property of CDS LED VISION srl who have the ability to resell the article without owing anything to the applicant.

13. Can I have my MEDALdisplay in different colors?

We chose not to go that route to differentiate ourselves from proponents of low-quality products.
The stainless steel embodies a very high quality that other materials are not able to guarantee, that is why MEDALdisplay is finished only by a brushing and a polishing: to make it unique and truly elegant. Do one painting for a single piece would mean an extra richedere disproportionate to the value of the product, which would not justify the production process. We have therefore chosen to specialize on a single finish, ensuring a product of the highest aesthetic and technical quality.

14. Can I order big quantity?

If you decide to buy in large quantities, we can make you a personalized offer. Visit the page for more information.

15. What does it mean "on stock"?

It means that the MEDALdisplay in question is in stock and ready for shipment. This is characteristic of all those product codes Popular. After processing order, the piece is removed for storage and shipment sent by messenger assigned.

16. What does it mean "to order"?

It means cutting MEDALdisplay will run only after the order process and will serve about 15 working days before it can be sent.