CREDIT CARDS                                                         

Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express.
Choose this payment system to speed up processing of your order. They also accept major credit cards prepaid.

CDS LED VISION srl is aware of the confidentiality and security of information transmitted over the Internet, so the procedure is done with encrypted transfer protocol SSL3 with Triple Des 128-bit algorithm. Transport is then encrypted and the parameters passed through the customer's browser is encrypted. All data that is entered during the procedure, including those relating to credit card, then come to the server in the form of encrypted information.


PayPal is a secure payment system and easy to use, which allows you to shop online with the best protection. Those who buy it with PayPal does not share financial information at the time of purchase, thus avoiding to make known to the recipient's credit card number or the details of their bank account. Using PayPal is easy, just select it at the time of payment by choosing to pay by credit card, using the available balance on your account with PayPal or bank account. PayPal is also fast and convenient because it is accepted everywhere and you can buy online by only email and password, without typing each time the number of credit card.


It's possible to pay by bank transfer to the following account:


IBAN: IT82J0623011202000056541011

D.C. nr: 000056541011
CAB: 11202
ABI: 06230

All data entered during the procedure, arrive at the server of the bank without passing in any way on the servers of third parties.

Each bank transfer must state the reason for the order number issued at the time of booking of the article.

Copy of the bank transfer must be sent to

The order will be processed only after receipt of the payment on the bank of choice. This transaction results in a lengthening of the time of preparation of the order mainly concern the time required for transferring currency between various lenders.