MEDALdisplay® is the brainchild of Roberto Singia, an entrepreneur who has always been passionate about sports.
In his long career he has collected many successes and as many medals that punctually ended in competition for many years.

The successes conquered with passion and effort did not deserve such a glorious end and they were absolutely rehabilitated, providing a new look: a personalized podium where to revive their deeds. A modern object, a practical, striking, elegant and original pocket-holder to show off your successes, your victories.

This is how MEDALdisplay® was born.

The medals won with so many sacrifices have great value for every athlete. The medals door must therefore live up to this expectation: this is why the choice of using fine materials and refined finishes, to create a high quality product, completely Made in Italy.

MEDALdisplay® is designed, worked, satin/polished and packaged exclusively in Italy, collaborating with local professionals and following a careful and meticulous production process at Km 0, which leaves nothing to chance.

We can not promise you that you will win other medals to hang on your new MEDALdisplay®, but we can guarantee the professionalism and quality of our service by providing high quality products designed, designed and made with passion and sacrifice ... The same qualities you have, in completing your sporting passions.

Keep winning, see you on the podium!



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